How to prevent the deformation of the customized neckline of the PoLo shirt

Many social organizations are paying more and more attention to their own corporate development, and their emphasis on corporate culture construction has also increased to the level of corporate development strategies. The customization of corporate t-shirts also changes with the change of seasons. Generally speaking, in summer, the customization of corporate cultural shirts is generally based on T-shirt customization, but the T-shirt customization is not formal enough, and the choice of shirts is too hot. At this time, many companies focused on PoLo shirt customization.

For PoLo shirt customization, most companies currently think that Polo shirts are a good choice. It is more formal than the corporate culture of T-shirt customization, and at the same time it is not as hot as shirts. But for customized Polo shirts, many people don’t know how to maintain them. As a result, customized PoLo shirts are easily deformed. So how to maintain them to reduce the deformation of Polo shirts?

1. For customized PoLo shirts with colors, generally speaking, the color will fade a little after washing. Therefore, I suggest that when washing customized POLO shirts, they should be separated from other colors of clothing. It is recommended to wash them by hand in cold water afterwards.

2. PoLo shirt customization also has certain requirements for laundry detergent. Normally, do not use laundry detergent with bleaching function, and do not use brushes.

3. Customized Polo shirts generally have some customized patterns. In order to avoid damage to the patterns, try to wash them by hand. Although the quality of the customized Polo shirt is guaranteed and the pattern will not fall off, it is still recommended to wash it by hand.

4. Customized Polo shirts cannot be wrung out or dried in the washing machine. It is normal to dry in a cool place, do not expose clothes to the sun. At the same time, when drying custom Polo shirts, it is recommended that the hanger should be put in from the bottom to avoid breaking the neckline.

Post time: Mar-16-2021